26 Oct 2018

This winter, make the dark commute a little brighter – and safer ­­– with Ring Automotive’s incredible Xenon 130 HID headlight bulbs. Ring’s Xenon 130 HID headlight bulbs flood the road with a massive 130% more light than a standard bulb, meaning the longer, darker nights won’t leave you struggling to read road signs and spot […]

23 Aug 2016

The air-conditioning system in your car works hard to clean, dry and cool the air – creating a more comfortable driving environment for you and your passengers. Especially useful in the warm summer months it’s also helpful during the winter as it de-mists your windscreen more quickly than normal air blowers. And despite what you […]

26 Jul 2016

We’re pleased to introduce the NEW Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport tyre range, stocked in all our branches. It’s the ideal tyre for the SUV driver. The Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport has been developed with a new asymmetric tread pattern which is specifically designed to cope with the weight of large SUVs. The 4XS Sport benefits […]

11 Sep 2014

  It’s Easy Oil is one of the most important things you will buy for your car, so to make it even easier to find the right oil for your vehicle Comma have revised their range and introduced two new products Pro-NRG 0W-20 and Voltech 0W-30. These new products are designed for modern and petrol-electric […]

22 Jan 2014

Diesel won’t start when it’s cold – could be Glow Plugs Cold weather, especially extreme cold weather, causes havoc with your diesel engine ignition system. There’s a myth that diesel doesn’t burn, diesel does burn – one of the major differences between diesel and petrol is the way the two fuels burn. Petrol vaporises much faster […]