19 Nov 2019

It’s important to be prepared for accidents, delays and breakdowns at any time of the year. In the winter however, weather conditions can be particularly unforgiving meaning that your vehicle has to work harder. And as the weather changes unexpectedly, it can be all too easy to wake up and find that you have run […]

31 Oct 2019

  Part-worn tyres are second-hand tyres that have previously been used by somebody else. Buying them might, at first, seem like a good way to save money. In the UK it is not illegal to buy or sell part-worn tyres as long as vendors abide by the law. We believe part-worn tyres are best avoided […]

26 Sep 2019

Make the autumn mornings and evenings a little brighter – and safer ­­– with Ring Automotive’s incredible Xenon150 headlight bulbs. Ring’s Xenon 150 headlight bulbs flood the road with a massive 150% more light than a standard bulb, meaning the longer, darker nights won’t leave you struggling to read road signs and spot hidden hazards. […]

25 Jun 2019

What does coolant do? The cooling system is crucial to the performance and health of your engine. A lot of the energy it produces is wasted as heat energy which must be cooled quickly to prevent overheating. Coolant ensures the water in your radiator does not boil in summer or freeze in winter.   Where […]

06 Mar 2019

Wilco have been announced as Retailer of the Year for the fourth time in the 2019 Car and Accessory Trader magazine awards! This January, Director Richard Shortis attended the Car Accessory Trader (CAT) Magazine Awards ceremony held at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester. The awards have recognised excellence in the UK’s automotive industry for more […]